Mike Brotherwood
Email : mikebrotherwood@aol.com
Specialist Restorer of Lotus marques from the 1950s and early 60s
Mk6 and 9
Series 1  7
Mk2, 6
& XI
Coventry Climax
Tel: 0 (44) 1834 831546 Days    Mobile 07990 758085
15,16 & 17
S2 & S3 7
Lotus XI  S1 Chassis
new, no documents, registration 
or chassis number.   £4,000
Lotus XI S2 Chassis,
new, no documents, registration 
or chassis number.  £4,000
Aluminium Cam Carrier

identical to cast steel version, 
but half the weight £450
Coventry Climax Oil Pump

With original pick-up, Used but in good condition
Tel: 0 (44) 1834 831546   Days Mobile 07990 758085
FWBp 1460 Firepump.

This is as near as you can get to an FWB car engine. The cylinder head, valves etc are exactly the same as a car, including a car dynamo, finned pulley and mountings. It has drop forged steel crank and conrods and an FWB block with 3 inch (76.2mm) liners. Its electric start.
​Lotus MK6.  1172cc side valve with Aquaplane head.
This is a well known very original car with a good history. The current owner has looked after this car well over the last few years and it is on the button and ready to go.          Very good condition.
Lotus Big Valve Twin Cam cylinder head, with cam cover, for webers.  In very good condition and in standard unskimmed form.                Very rare £2,495 o.n.o.
Very Rare Original FWB Coventry Climax 1460cc.

In 1956/57 Climax made 35 of these engines for Lotus, Cooper, etc.  I've never seen any of these engines before and then two came my way.  The block is similar to the FWA, the same oil system, but with bulges for the longer stroke, plus specially machined main caps.

Engine 1. was first fitted to Lotus XI chassis #158 and subsequently to XI #380.  The engine is in bits at the moment.

Engine 2. came from Lotus 17 #657.  This 17 was entered for Le Mans in 1959, but never ran, and was subsequently sold to Canada by Innes Ireland.  It was a billet steel crank, drop forged pistons and a stage 2 cam. 

Both engines are in good condition with various bit missing, all of which I can supply and build.


This is a new chassis.  There is no paperwork, registration or chassis number.  It has almost a complete set of new and used parts, including an FWB 1460 fire pump engine with almost all the parts to convert.  The only parts missing are wheels and tyres, instruments, brake callipers, propshaft, distributor and some aluminium panels.  This is a perfect project for a competent home builder at a fraction of the cost of a real Lotus
Genuine Ford Pedal Bracket.

Brabham Herald Sump and Backplate.
Lotus 15 Windscreen.
Fire Pump Cylinder Head requires machining.
Lotus 7 S3
This is a well looked after car residing in France but retaining it's V5 and UK registration.
The car is very original and comes with the original Lotus type brand wheels as well as minilites.  The charging system has been upgraded with a dynator and an electric fan fitted.
This is a very driveable car with no question marks over it's provenance and authenticity.