Mike Brotherwood
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Specialiast Restorer of Lotus marques from the 1950s and early 60s
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Mk2 & 4
Mk6 & 9
S1 7
Single Seaters
Coventry Climax
... plus numerous other Climax SOHC parts,
 big and small

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15,16 & 17
Coventry Climax engine block - fully machined as new
Coventry Climax crank shaft pulley.
Alloy with stainless steel oil seal rubbing strip 
Coventry Climax steel cam with modified cam carrier and variable sprocket
Up to 6 weeks depending on cam profile    
Diaphram clutch for A series, MGA and ZF gearbox.
Almost immediate, depending on model.
Coventry Climax engine to gearbox adaptor plate for A series, MGA and ZF gearbox, upright engine or angled 10 degrees.    
Coventry Climax block to sump sandwich plate available in alloy or steel, various thicknesses 
Delivery time varies   
Coventry Climax oil filler and cap   
Coventry Climax cam cover with Lady Godiva badge     
Coventry Climax full engine gasket set   
Coventry Climax Weber inlet manifolds.
Long and short, angled and upright.
Starter motor-geared, light weight 
Starter motor - standard Lucas
Lucas generator with right angle rev counter drive
Coventry Climax Distributor - direct replacement for the original   
Water temperature gauge, original style, correct bezel.
Rev counter, electric, original style, correct bezel.
Oil pressure gauge, original style, correct bezel.
Lucas SF4 fuse box.
Ignition/headlight switch.
636 bush - 1 1/16" o/d x 1/2" i/d metallastic, common on most early Lotus.

2030 bush - 
3/4" o/d x 3/8" i/d metallastic
Y9 long taper bush - for wishbones and top links 

Y16 and Y758 taper bushes
Lotus eleven body hinge grommet
Front top link - fixed, cruciform profile. 7,11,14 
Adjustable front top link - tubular profile. 7,11,14 
Shock absorbers
Adjustable damping and spring seat
Shock absorber and spring can be sold seperately
Anti roll bar
From standard up to 18mm diameter
Anti roll bar mounting blocks 
Front vertical links
Stub axles
Front lower trunnion and fitting kit 
Various modified steering racks available to suit any Lotus 
7,9,11,14,15 etc
e.g pictured is an X1 S1 rack   
Steering arm to suit front vertical link - Triumph Herald type
Shorter than original but can be used on a 7 
Track rod ends
All types available for early Lotus
Most types in stock for immediate delivery

Front swing axle (split beam axle)
6,9,S1 X1
Front radius arm 6,9,S1 X1

Coventry Climax
Electrical and Instruments
Front Suspension
Bushes etc.

Front steering arm
Lotus type billet steel for 9,10,S1 X1
Brake balance  bar and spherical bearings
Brake master cylinders
Brake Parts
Brake Resevoir
X1 S1  & S2
Coventry Climax Rear Crankshaft oil seal & housing rings   
Coventry Climax oil seal conversion sleeve   
free translation
Standard 10 steering arms, new.
S1 X1 front shock absorber mounting 
13" wobbly web wheel in aluminium
Can be machined to suit many applications
4 bolt and 6 bolt
Coventry Climax Drop forged pistons available for FWA/E/B standard 
Front and rear discs to suit S1,S2 X1 and Elite
Exhaust Manifold
Coventry Climax
Water Pump   
Coventry Climax engine mounting bars available to fit most early cars   
Steering Wheel. Range of styles, colours and stitching available to order
Engine mountings available to fit a large range of cars
S2 & S3 7
Hand Brake Lever for 11 and 7, can be modified for Mk 6
Rear Suspension
X1 or 9 De Dion Tube 
 Steering Joint, mollart type with Morris Minor spline to suit XI etc   
Horn/dip switch
  X1 rear hub 
Coventry Climax Lightweight Flywheel Integral Ring Gear 
Lotus 7 S1 Fibreglass Nose Cone
 exact shape
Exhaust Manifold
 Most Historic Lotus Parts are available, or can be made to Order 
Steering Rack Mounts
Dynator.  Alternator within a dynamo casing with tacho drive.
Replica steering wheel badge.