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Mike Brotherwood
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Specialist Restorer of Lotus Marques from the 1950s and early 60s
Mk2 & 4
Mk6 & 9
Single Seaters

Tel: 0 (44) 1834 831546  Days    Mobile 07990 758085

Supply of all parts from Blocks to Studs
Range of Backplate adaptors for most commonly used gearboxes
Upright and angle sumps
One off exhaust manifolds made to measure
Variety of inlet manifolds available to suit Webers, SUs and other carburetors including original Climax parts and upgraded modern equivalents
Full range of steel cams, 3 and 5 brg road or race. Original or modern profiles

For Sale
1 x FWA Block with extra large main caps
No. 8053 

1 x FWE Block No. 9054   Good Condition                     £1200
1 x Engine Set of FWB con rods, as new    
1 x Cylinder Head complete with valves, springs etc.
Never skimmed, in mint condition                

1 x Cam cover with Godiva badge  
1 x Angle Sump to suit Lotus XI etc          
1 x FWBP 1460cc Pump Engine COMPLETE                  
Some Single FWB con rods           
Plus numerous other Climax SOHC parts, big and small
15,16 & 17
Coventry Climax oil filler and cap 
Coventry Climax angled sump 10 degrees 
Standard sump 
3-5 days  
Coventry Climax FWB connecting rods - good second hand with new bolts, crack tested. 
Coventry Climax full engine gasket set   
Coventry Climax FWB 1460cc drop forged steel crank.
3 available  
Coventry Climax crank shaft pulley.
Alloy with stainless steel oil seal rubbing strip.  
Coventry Climax Weber inlet manifolds.
Long and short, angled and upright.
3 - 5 days    
Coventry Climax cylinder liners to suit 1100cc, 1200cc, 1460cc
Coventry Climax steel cam with modified cam carrier and variable sprocket
Up to 6 weeks depending on cam profile   
Coventry Climax flywheel
Billet steel
For A series, MGA and ZF gearbox    
Coventry Climax Distributor - direct replacement for the original   
Coventry Climax block to sump sandwich plate available in alloy or steel, various thicknesses 
Delivery time varies   
Coventry Climax engine to gearbox adaptor plate for A series, MGA and ZF gearbox, upright engine or angled 10 degrees.   
Coventry Climax engine block - fully machined as new
2 weeks      
Coventry Climax cam cover with Lady Godiva badge     
Water pump complete with pulley                      
Water pump pulley                                             
Water pump shaft, bearing and seal                    
Water pump impellor                                           
Rear crankshaft oil seal                                       
Rear crankshaft oil seal housing                         
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Coventry Climax